This was the only song on the album, other than Happy Ending, which was not written by me. But it is however the only song that was not performed by me. I assume the writer and performers name was Rowan English because he says it so much in the songe. The reason I am re-uploading this song to bandcamp is because it was taken down from YouTube. Me and Beerey love jamming out to this chown


My first names Rowan my last is English,
Middle name Killer, cus boi I'll fuck yer bitch,
And I like relish. I'll fill my sandwich,
And if you try to take it from me I'll say fuck you bitch!
Yes! I am a beast.
Rowan English, I run the south-east.
I like yeast, I put it into my pizza.
Try to mess with me and I'll motherfuckin teach ya.
I'll beat ya, even ask my teachers, I'm a preacher,
Run faster than a cheetah.
Go out with me and I'll probably cheat on ya.
King of Monroe, I'm treading on water.
Here I come dads, hide your motherfuckin daughters.
Give me your girls number and i'll call her.
I wish I was a little bit taller.
I'm a baller. I got a big boat and I don't mean my trawler.
D'you want some?!

Jump on the mic in San Francisco
Monroe is my favorite disco.
Get on your knees and suck my dick please.
I'm a master, I can speak Portuguese.
Me and Gavin, chilling in the pool.
Always dossing study, always breaking rules.
D'you want some?


from Let's All Go To My Dads House And Suck It, released November 13, 2016
Written and performed by Rowan English



all rights reserved


Les Denden Des Moines, Iowa

Not to be confused with the sexy man himself, Les Dennis, Les Denden is a musician, artist and videographer. Born in 1999, Les lives with his father, brother Wesley, and Uncle Beerey in Des Moines, Iowa, Free Country USA. Many good songes to cum.

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