I wrote this song a while ago. I wanted to bang this girl really badly so I wrote a song for her. When I played her the song she didn't really appreciate it, which was surprising because I thought it was really good. I guess the grills will never like me. I thought the song was so good that I have decided to put it on this album.


I wanna kiss your hair and touch you everywhere
Whisper in your ear, I am all you can hear.
I'm as hard as rock. Can you feel my cock?
Touch my massive dick and give it a little lick.
Do you wanna bet that I will make you wet.
Lick you all around. My sperm is turning brown.

We are gonna have sex, because I am stronger than you!


from Let's All Go To My Dads House And Suck It, released November 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Les Denden Des Moines, Iowa

Not to be confused with the sexy man himself, Les Dennis, Les Denden is a musician, artist and videographer. Born in 1999, Les lives with his father, brother Wesley, and Uncle Beerey in Des Moines, Iowa, Free Country USA. Many good songes to cum.

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